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The Sick Care Players

Brad's Story

It was the August between my junior and senior years in college.  I had just switched majors from aerospace engineering to business, so I had a lot of credit hours to make up.  That didn’t prevent me from having a bad attitude about having to sit for a freshman level communications class on a sunny summer afternoon.  I would rather have been somewhere else.  As it sometimes happens in life, however, one exercise in that class became one of the most memorable learning experiences of my entire educational process.

As we arrived, the Professor announced a pop quiz.  We were all seated in a horseshoe shaped arrangement of desks around his podium.  He placed a complex object on the desk, and explained to the class that we would each be paired up with another student across the classroom and our task was to describe the object to our partner.  We had 20 minutes.

He started his watch, and for twenty minutes we all wrote and sketched furiously.  When time was up he collected all the papers and tossed them in the trash, announcing that we’d all received F’s for that test grade.

“Not one of you left your seats,” he explained.  “If you want someone to understand you, your message, and your perspective, the very first thing you need to do is set your perspective aside, get up, go to where that person is, and appreciate what it looks like to them. Only then can you hope to communicate effectively.”

Let’s take a look below at how some of the other players perceive the current healthcare insurance and delivery model …

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