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The Playing Field

One way you could think of your's and your family's wellness and healthcare is that they're games.

Like many games, the games of wellness and sick care have opposing players, and they have rules, and the other players are out to win for themselves.  Unfortunately, in today's wellness and healthcare games the other players are very strong, and have done a pretty good job at hiding some of the rules from us.  There are two players who are especially good at beating us, and most of us didn't even know they were in the game.  Sometimes it even seems like they're speaking a secret language that's hard to understand.

The result?  We're losing.  We are not enjoying the quality of life we could be and we're paying WAY too much for the healthcare we receive.  And what makes it even worse is that we're sort of like the Bad News Bears - we've been losing for so long and so predictably that we enter each new game hopeless and expecting to lose.  And nobody in the stands is cheering for us.

The good news is that we can win.  Before we go back into the game, we can study some game films, learn how the opponents behave in certain situations, understand what motivates their behaviors, compare notes with others like us who are winning their own personal games, and revise our own game plan.  And then get back in there and do our best.  We can even choose to play a New Game with new teammates whose values are better aligned with our own.

But the key is we need to revise our own game plan.  And that's hard.  Changing adult behavior is REALLY hard.  But it can be done, and if we do it, not only can we win, but we can redefine the rules and make the opponents play our game.  Or, even better, we can go out and find new teammates to participate in our health and wellness game as collaborators - not opponents.

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