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Energy > Tension = Joy


This simple equation serves as a substantive, user-friendly framework for addressing our daily sense of vitality and contentment. No matter the relative levels, whenever our Energy exceeds our Tension we are in a good place; when Tension exceeds Energy we are in a generally unhappy state, such as distress, anxiety or depression.

We apply tools for optimizing Five key Pillars - Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep Management, Stress Reduction, and Connectedness (with ourselves, the people around us, and our sense of the sacred) - with the goal of keeping Energy high and Tension low and thus achieving much greater life satisfaction.

We recognize that the whole person is an inextricably intertwined combination of physical, emotional, and mental health, allowing members to experience a virtuous cycle of positive behaviors that optimize well-being.

We help our members through assessing, planning (with goals and priorities defined by the individual), motivating, educating, acting, measuring, and receiving positive reinforcement of success.

In this section we'll help our members understand how they can apply these concepts to Increase Energy and Decrease Tension to achieve Joy on a daily, monthly, and life-long basis.