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We hope you’ve found something here that’s been helpful, and we encourage you to join the ChooseWell community.  We all have something we can share that can help others, and we can all spread the word to our friends and loved ones to help them win the games of lifelong wellness and high value sick care.




Our Beliefs

We believe that …

I am both responsible for and able to make sound, value based decisions for my own health (and, when appropriate, my family’s) and, when needed, healthcare related services and products. I am more responsible than my employer, my insurance company, or my doctors.

Person/family-centric wellness is the best path to my own and my family’s well-being and quality of life. I want to feel good, and I know I can influence how I feel.

I am a complex being. Wellness includes not just the absence of sickness, but an optimal quality of life. Achieving and maintaining wellness, and, when necessary, treating sickness, will primarily be based on my personal balance of diet, exercise, stress management, sleep management, and connectedness with my religion and with those around me. I want to feel good on a sustained basis, and I know I can control or strongly influence my own sense of feeling good by applying the above elements to increase Energy or decrease Tension to achieve Joy ( E > T = J ).

Wellness takes place on a life-long timeframe. I will make conscious decisions to optimize my wellness today, tomorrow, and for the rest of my life. I would prefer to stay out of the healthcare delivery model by staying healthy.

When I need to consume healthcare products and services, I will seek a solution to my health problems, and not simply treat symptoms. I will prefer personalized, or precision therapies and treatments over those that are population oriented.   I will not consume or use a product or service simply because my insurance pays for it; nor will I rule out a product or service just because I have to pay out of pocket. I will seek to make value-based decisions. I will try to avoid waste and overspending, and will behave like an informed, engaged value-based consumer.

Achieving all of the above means consciously choosing and modifying my behaviors. I recognize that many of my behaviors stem from my desire to feel good. I will consciously seek behaviors that make me feel good over the long term, and modify behaviors that make me feel good in the short term but compromise my long-term well-being.

Learning from the experiences of others like me can be very helpful; likewise, I will in turn share my own experiences with others, so that we might all make better informed decisions.

If I and others like me optimize our personal and our family’s well-being, and behave according to the points above, we can have a profoundly positive impact on wellness and the economics at a population/society level.