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When my visit is complete, how should I request an updated Patient Summary, Continuity of Care document, or Visit Note, and what should I do with them?

During your checkout process, let the checkout clerk know that once your Visit Note is completed by your physician, you want a copies of your Visit Note and updated copies of your Patient Summary and Continuity of Care document. Make sure they understand that you want electronic copies, not simply access to a patient portal associated with your physician’s Electronic Health Record (unless, of course, the portal allows you to download electronic copies).

In the unlikely event that they ask for your request in writing, feel free to use this: ChooseWell request for Electronic Health Records.

Since your providers are responsible for your privacy and security, the most common form of delivery will be either by encrypted email, or an invite to an encrypted site where you can download the documents.

Once you have them, add them to your Personal Health Record (PHR). If you don’t have an electronic PHR, keep them in secure location. This generally means on an encrypted hard drive (with encrypted backup). If you don’t already have an encrypted hard drive, you can encrypt flash drives and store your records there. Be aware that if you store your personal health information on un-encrypted drives or non-HIPAA compliant cloud storage sites, or if you email or otherwise communicate it using anything other than encrypted email or SFTP, you will be responsible for any potential compromise of your information.


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