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“After receiving unanticipated medical treatment while on vacation (and out of network), I knew I would be out of my depth for a conversation with my insurance company. I learned from the sympathetic clinic staff that variables outside my control could impact billing, like whether certain medical tests were designated as required or recommended, or whether they occurred on-site or off. Because I am fortunate to be generally healthy, I was largely unfamiliar with the medical industry, and I was nervous about whether an avoidable misstep during the insurance process would ultimately cost me hundreds or thousands of dollars. If there were something I could do to minimize the financial cost, how would I even know?

Having someone in my corner changed everything

I know that Brad gave me the same tools and advice he’d give his own family, and his industry insight helped me move from feeling hopeless and woefully uninformed to being an empowered patient able to make sound decisions for my personal health and to advocate for myself to healthcare professionals.”

– Emily N.