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Creating the Documents

The hard part of this exercise is deciding what your desires are. Once you’re comfortable with that, creating the documents is relatively straight forward.

Navigate to your state specific forms and fill them out. You want the result to be some combination of Advance Directive, Living Will, and Durable Power of Attorney.   If there is content from your finalized worksheet ( Advance Dir Planning Checklist May 16 2016 ) that you can’t seem to get into the form, consider trying to include an attachment or exhibit. If not, draw your Proxy’s attention to it and make sure your Proxy maintains a copy of your finalized worksheet.


Remember:  We coach, support, educate, and empower.  We illuminate options you may not have known you had.  But we don't decide what's right for you in your unique circumstances; only you can do that.  And we don't provide medical, financial, or legal advice; nor do we replace the valuable counsel of those who do.