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ConsumeWell seeks to democratize health care by empowering value-based decision making for individuals and heads of family when:

Trying to understand how sick care related products and services are purchased; why they are different, and how we can use our normal shopping patterns to make better decisions.

Increasing our odds for receiving high quality care.

Whipping up on the Cost Beast - just for fun.  This includes tips on avoiding waste and overpayment; tips on how to estimate the costs of anticipated services; more tips on how to find the reasonable and customary fee rates for specific procedures, tests, and services, and a quick tutorial on understanding your resulting Explanation of  Benefits so you have a better idea that you didn't overpay.

Purchasing Health Insurance.

Choosing a Primary Care or other provider.

Consuming ‘Sickness’ services when needed, such as tests, procedures, therapies and products, and deciding the most favorable setting.

Contemplating the use of excluded benefits and out of network providers.

Planning for End of Life conditions. This includes addressing the emotional, legal, and financial aspects starting with, but not limited to, Living Wills/Advanced Directives.

As a result, our members become increasingly more capable and effective in understanding their options to optimize their quality of life and consciously control out of pocket expenses.