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Comparing the Old Game of Healthcare to the other games we play.

Let’s face it … our healthcare system is complicated, and it’s hard to really get our heads around the magnitude of the decisions we have to make, and the enormity of the impact those decisions have on our quality of life and on our financial well being.

Sometimes it helps to gain perspective by comparing the Old Game of Healthcare to other games we play, and ask ourselves why the New Game of Healthcare can’t look more like the games that we play and win every day.





What if the airline industry was more like the healthcare industry?

Let’s watch in as Jonathan works with friendly Cynthia as he tries to book a flight on Air Healthcare.





Would restaurants have more loyal customers if they were more like healthcare?

A customer … or did I mean a patient? … walks into a restaurant and just wants a meal to cure his hunger.  Little does he know what he’s in for.






Ah … if only my hotel bill was as simple as my hospital bill.

Friendly Kimberly and Paulo help their recent guest understand his hotel bill.  Or do they?



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