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Another Blow for Low-Fat Diets

The dietary recommendation landscape has been rapidly changing over the past decade in case you hadn’t noticed.  There is no shortage of dietary information and recommendations (of which I am a participant), and it seems to be ever-increasing.  Amidst the chatter, is any consistency emerging?  Well, yes, there might be.  As the article below from 2014 in the Annals of Internal Medicine demonstrated, multiple research studies have been demonstrating that the once-cherished notion of fat as the bad guy may have been significantly misguided and based on both very partial information as well as rudimentary understandings of metabolic physiology that are now more robust.  The common thread that seems to be emerging if you examine decades of dietary trends and “fads” is that success has been seen all along in various diets that have one thing in common:  reduction of grain-based carbohydrate in favor of more fat and protein.  From Atkins to Zone to Paleo, they all have had these elements in common.  That’s why they’ve persisted and had so many adherents.  Over the last decade we have begun to accumulate the data that supports these concepts.  This is one of them.


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